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Youth Mentoring

    • College Bound Readiness

• College Search, Applications, ACT and SAT Tutoring, College Tours and more

    • Independent Living

• Basic Finance, Home Care, Hygiene Care, More

    • Personal Development and Training

• Basic Finance, Home Care, Hygiene Care, More

    • Workforce Development

• Resume Building, Employment Search, Interviewing

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Youth Mentoring

Community Referrals

We are a community partner; therefore, if there are additional services our clients need, we are right there with a solution.

Our connections within the city of Dayton and beyond are countless. As we strive to be our client’s one-stop shop for community resources, we strive to provide our clients with a holistic experience.






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Workforce Development

CASS has implemented a job coaching program to assist customers/clients with their job search.

We assist clients that returning to the workforce, college students, veterans, working adults seeking new opportunities and/or temporary employed.  As a workforce development client, we are here to understand where you have been and where you are trying to go within your career. Here are a workforce development services:

Consultation – To determine your past, resume structuring, and future plans

Job Placement – We work with our community partners to get you placed in a position that is best for you and your skill set.

Ongoing Mentoring – We ensure you have the training you need to keep your job, as we are all about job sustainability.

Computer Literacy

CASS has internet stations with internet connection for clients to get on the internet and look up jobs and apply for jobs electronically.

We will also help and train them to navigate through basic computer programs and applications as needed to apply for employment.

In the employment area there are folders with job opportunities for the clients to look through during their job search. The categories are county, education, medical, and general jobs and employers that hire with felonies.